Young Governors

“Empowering Communities by Empowering Youth!”


Welcome, we have our new website , visit us here for updates/announcements and much more!


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Young Governors is a youth organizing program that hires and trains community teens to address issues in their community. The goal of the program is to identify and train youth leaders in the community and support the work of these youth to make positive changes in their community. Young Governors goes beyond youth development practices with collective empowerment techniques of youth organizing, striving for systemic change.

Through this program, community teens will be empowered to be the advocates, organizers, and educators among their peers through workshops, projects, and service.

The mission is “Equipping youth with the tools they need to create positive change with their peers, families, community, and the world.”

Whats Happening?

To see what we’re up to and how you can be part of it check out our website with our latest info.

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Director- Delia Kim

Administrator- Annie (Amy) Wang

Facilitators- Tala Haider

Community Organizers-, Mable Cheng, Perry Chu, Ahmed Ghanem, Angie Pangol, Chaochi Lee, Erica Loo, Nhi Tong, Katherine Chilaca ,Stephen Sam, Tasnim Uddin, Tony Fang.




Contact for more info or volunteering opportunities.




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