Help the Homeless on Thanksgiving

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-6-06-45-pmPlease help the poor and homeless on Thanksgiving with a hot meal, coffee and dessert in our warm building.

You can make a difference in their lives with a financial gift of any amount.  Help provide a hot meal on Thanksgiving Day and beyond.  God bless you for your generosity.  Click HERE to give a Thanksgiving gift by selecting “Food and Clothing Pantry.”



Be Part of Boosters Club!

 Booster Club after-school is enrolling new students for the 2016-2017 school year.  We are also hiring more Learning Leader staff.

Email to either enroll your child or to apply for a Learning Leader (tutor) position.

Download applications HERE

Success Groups Hiring and Enrolling

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.13.40 PMSuccess Groups is hiring a part-time staff person and is now enrolling families who wish to participate.

View the job description HERE.
Leader more about Success Groups HERE.
Receive a Success Groups enrollment application.  Email